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1 Way Out Bail Bonds is backed by an insurance company which allows us to write up to a million dollars in bonds per day, it also allows us to post bonds in any county that our insurance company has a bonding company in (Transfer Bonds).

So if you are looking for an affordable Bail Bond Company that you can trust, call our licensed agents anytime 24 Hours a day 7 days a week. We will be there when you need us most.

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Helping Every Step of theWay

1 Way Out is the Fastest Way Out..

We know when a loved one is in jail it is a trying experience, not only for the defendant, but the family as well. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our license agents want to earn your trust, we take pride in the services we provide, and look forward to handling your jail release needs.



handling all types of bonds small and large

Surety Bonds

A type of insurance in a way to ensure that an individual fulfills their requirements, such as like a contract. Texas has its own state of rules and regulations for surety bonds. Setting up Surety bonds with the state that the individual appears before court of said court date. We offer surety bonds 24/7 the moment you need them.

Felony Bonds

Case like this can be an arduous process, causing more time being trapped in jail longer than necessary without the help of a professional bondsmen. We help people with their felony cases in Houston and surrounding areas. Felony Cases usually in turn have you facing hefty fines and large bail amounts, but fear not because at (Bail Name Here) we’re available 24/7 for you and ready to discuss the options you can take.

Misdemeanor Bonds

Depending on what Jurisdictions will require bail on some misdemeanors situations, especially if the accused has a history of previous criminal actions, or if the crime was particularly severe. We offer 24/7 service conveniently near the jail house, posting fast and quick bonds getting results within just hours.

DWI Bonds

The Driver can have fines up to $500 for any open alcohol container in the vehicle. First Offenders can have up to a $2,000 fine, three to 180 days in jail upon guilty conviction, $1,000 annual surchage for three years to have retainment of your license or total loss of drivers license up to a year. Don’t let yourself be stuck in jail, get out fast with easy bonding. Defend your case and keep your license!

Traffic Bonds

Running multiple traffic violations can lead to arrests, don’t get stuck in the system. Let us help you arrange the bond out don’t let yourself lose a day of work or your life in jail over traffic violations such as speeding, red lights and simple expired tag mistakes. Get out, get your record clean and go home happy!

Immigration Bonds

The bonding process is unlike normal regular local bonds, this deals with immigration and the Department of Homeland Security. The bond amounts are randomly priced and set by Home Land Security, custody determinations are dependent on the interview with said alien by a Deportation Officer. Full amount by an outside party is needed to make arrangement for bail. Let us help don’t get deported sitting there, get out find an immigration lawyer today.

Warrant Checks

Warrant checks:

$10 for 24 Hours criminal warrant checks in Harris County.

Or $25 for one month of criminal checks in Harris County.

All other counties is a case by case basis.

*Not responsible or Liable for pocket warrants.


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